"Now we have a spokesperson. She is a well-known, well-loved figure
in Quebec, comedian and humorist Marie-Lise Pilote. We are delighted
that she accepted our invitation. She has fallen in love with European
Neighbours' Day and is pleased to help us publicise it to a broad audience. Her presence will
also help us obtain sponsors."

Nadine Maltais
Réseau Québécois des Villes et Villages en Santé

Publicising the event: organising press conferences and informational
meetings, publishing a Newsletter...these are sure ways to make your
event a success. For more information, read the Portuguese testimony

Portugal owes its successful development of the event to the remarkable information
efforts our national representatives have made, in particular their organisation of a press
conference and informational meetings throughout the country. These meetings also helped
spread the concept deep into all the regions. Make sure to check out the clever video clip
displayed on a computer screen in the middle of a poster, as seen in the photo below.
Portugal's fast development of European Neighbours
Day is one of the success stories of 2007.

Joao Carvalhosa


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