Upon the Agricola association's initiative, European Neighbours Day
went aboard " a mobile Finnish library that travels across the
This surprisingly unique form of communication is remarkably efficient, both in terms of the
number of places it can visit and for the information it can distribute. This experience
highlights the interest of joining forces with existing efforts and charitable organisations,
especially in the early stages of launching a Neighbours' Day event.

We had a wonderful Neighbours' and Agricola's Day on
the Turku Market Place. I think people got a bit more
familiar with the idea of the European Neighbours' Day - at
least hear in Turku. The local papers, television and radio
were there, of course.
The weather was marvellous - sunny 30 degrees - and juice
and coffee knew their places. People were happy with
Marionett Theatre - the Agricola-piece was nice and funny -
and the Mobile Libraries staying in the middle of the town.

Kalle Varila
City of Turku



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